Fee Structure

Tuition Fess
45 min lesson $115/term
60 min lesson $130/term
90 min lesson $140/term

How and when to pay fees?
. Tuition fees are charged per term (4 invoices/yr) regardless of the number of weeks/term.
. Invoices will be given at the start of each term.
. All invoices are to be paid within 14 days of receipt.
. If there is a problem fulfilling this please do not hesitate to contact Miss Daniele and make alternative arrangements.
. Accepted methods of payment:
Direct deposit to our NAB bank account
Cash (in clearly labelled sealed envelope)
Cheques made out to: Daniele Baccala

Beyond Tuition, what other costs might be involved?
. Appropriate uniform, tights and shoes for lessons
. All concert participants are required to purchase costumes (1 per class)
. All concert audience members are charged admission to the show.  ($10 per ticket)
. Concert DVDs available from December

Are missed lessons refundable?
No, however prior arrangements can be made for exceptional cases such as serious illness. In terms 1and 2 we allow students to attend a lesson of the same genre/level as a make up class, but only when suitable and prior arrangements must be made with Miss Daniele.

If dropping a class mid-term, the remaining fees for that term are non- refundable.

The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is an internationally recognised syllabus and examining board.

Examinations offer students the challenge of showing their understanding and accomplishments of their grade work and also motivates them to achieve their highest potential in classical technique, musicality artistry and performance. The students are assessed by an RAD examiner on the grade work they are currently studying.  Vocational Graded Qualifications are also recognised on Year 12 or Senior School Certificates.

Ballet Examinations are held in Term 3, sometime between July – August. Selection for entry is at the teachers’ discretion.

Concerts & performances
Students are encouraged to participate in the end of year concert and community performances, this can mean extra classes and rehearsals. However there is no pressure to perform, students can come to one class a week just for fun.

Student Behaviour
All students are expected to be dedicated, demonstrated by motivated and enthusiastic behaviour in their classes. Ultimately that means parents/guardians must be supportive and encouraging. A young dancer that has parents/guardians support, a good attitude in class and regular attendance will achieve excellent results.

Student’s are asked to arrive before their scheduled class time ensuring the teacher has enough time to facilitate a good warm up. This prepares the students for the work ahead physically and mentally. Older students are expected to arrive in adequate time to do their own pre-class warm up.

Parents must drop off and collect students from the back door kitchen area.

In the studio
. NO FOOD or DRINKS IN STUDIO (except water).
. Students are required to bring their own water battle to class.
. Dance bags are to be left neatly in the kitchen area and should not be taken into class.
. Students may use the kitchen area to eat snacks.
. No gum chewing in class.

Class viewing times
Parents/Guardians are encouraged to come to the last class at the end of each term to see their child’s progress. During the rest of term time parents and friends are not able to watch classes or rehearsals in the studio as it is distracting for both the students and the teacher.

Questions and concerns
If you have to discuss any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Daniele. We ask that you do this during non-teaching hours via email or phone between 9am – 2.30pm.